Taking a licence from a university or other academic institution raises specific considerations in addition to those that would normally apply in a purely commercial setting.  We set out below ten key considerations for any commercial entity taking a licence from a university in the EU.

1. Continuing academic research in the field and publication rights

Commonly a university will wish to continue to carry-out research in the field within the scope of the licence for academic purposes leading to a risk of intellectual property/confidential information leakage.  Where the university is a charity, it will often have an obligation to publish results in the public interest.

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Originally published as Covington E-Alert on February 26, 2013

On  20  February  2013,  the  European  Commission  published  for  consultation  its  proposal  for revisions to the EU technology transfer competition regime.  The consultation period runs until 17 May 2013.  The new regime will be adopted before April 2014.  The EU’s approach to the application of competition